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Indi-K Records is a new Independent Music label based in Montreal, Canada in support to new emerging talent of Pop Music.

    We’re celebrating these 2 years of pure success!! cheers to that!

    We’re celebrating these 2 years of pure success!! cheers to that!

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    K-Bust en Conectados TV Chile

    La artista chilena hará su aparición en el programa de TV Chile Internacional, Conectados, éste lunes 30 de Septiembre a las 15 hrs de Chile.

    La entrevista incluirá el trabajo más reciente de su carrera, donde presentará el video del single “Emotion”, entre otros temas y lo que se viene en su agenda. - Read more at:


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    Emotion Video Premiere

    K-Bust releases her first music video for the single, “Emotion”. Emotion is the official second single from her album, Urban Stories Deluxe Version, which was released in January 2013. The video was shot in two days between July and August at different locations in Montreal, Canada, and has been directed by MH Films.

    The single, a mix of Pop, Soul and R&B, is very energetic and up-tempo which fits the vibrant, fun colours of the video and the story that is told throughout, presented as a short film, seeking to express the “Emotion” in a simple an fun way.

    Premiering on VEVO this week, the video is already a big success for K-Bust!

    Watch Emotion on VEVO now!

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    The #Bloopers of #EmotionMusicVideo are already out, check out Part 1 now, stay tuned for more! #KBustOfficial

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    Emotion Music Video

    K-Bust’s team is currently working on her next music video for the single Emotion. The shooting will take place on July 7th in Montreal old port and surroundings, we want to keep the main theme Urban.

    We encourage everyone desiring to have their first experience in a music video to come and join us, it will be fun, that’s guaranteed!

    So tell your friends about it, pass the word along. For more details please send us an email to Info in the contact form.

    Stay tuned for more news.

    A message from K-Bust on Instagram

    Check out Emotion here

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    K-Bust, invitada en Latin Clips →

    Time to practice your Spanish! Check the latest interview of #KBust at #Latinclips, special thanks to Maria Sanz for such a nice job! 

    Stay tuned for more news

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    "Urban Stories" tour Chile

    All the chilean press of K-Bust "Urban Stories" tour on the same page

    check it out !

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    Big things coming soon for K-Bust … stay tuned !

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    Happy New Year 2013 everybody … have a good and safe one tonight !!! See ya in 2013 with some new musical stuff !

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    K-Bust live performance at Club Balattou

    Have you watched the last video of K-Bust? you can check out all of her latest videos on
    Just a tasty preview of what you’ll get on July 5th at Club Balattou, you can’t miss it!

    — 1 year ago
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